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God's Presence and Power (Part 1)

Think back to the Bedrock Lessons about God’s Personal and Triune nature. Also consider that God’s plan has always been to be our God, we His people, and He would make His dwelling (Presence and blessing) with us. This is an amazing truth to understand and experience; that is, that God’s very real and personal Presence comes to dwell in the heart and life of the one who trust’s in Him. It is God’s Presence that places His “seal” of ownership on and within us. Further then, understanding how to live in God’s ongoing Presence becomes the source for a true transformation of the disciple of Christ.

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God's Presence and Power (Part 2)

In Lesson 5 we learned that the person who places their trust in is firmly established and “sealed” as the Presence of God, in the person of the Holy Spirit comes to reside or dwell in the believer’s heart and life. This is a work of God! Often however, many stop here in their understanding of the reality of what God has given us. This lesson helps us see that we have this great privilege to now act on this reality of God’s Presence through “Walking in” or “Being Filled with” the Spirit.

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God's Presence and Power (Part 3)

In Lesson 6 we saw that God actually commands us to now walk in and be filled by the Holy Spirit. This lesson will be quite practical in helping us see how to actually live out and experience the dynamic blessing of these commands.