Introduction to Footings
Bridging from the first "Bedrock" sessions, these "Footings" are all historic Biblical Doctrines of the Christian Faith. A key aspect is to recognize that everything begins with God Himself. So, each of these "Footings" begin with some Attribute of God. Understanding the Attribute then moves us to understand a Key Doctrine that derives from God's very Character. From the Doctrine, we then can see the direct benefit that affects and shapes our personal lives. As one author stated; "When God is Glorified, we do well!" These "Footings" set on the "Bedrock" become the Foundation for all future growth as Disciples of Christ.

First Footing
God's Justice and Love? (Part 1)

In this section we will investigate the depth and the richness of these two attributes of God: His justice and His love. These are essentially a part of his character and move him to action especially in relation to humanity. The key question: How can God demonstrate love to those who deserve his just punishment? Since God is perfect and holy, these two attributes (Justice and Love) could appear to us as "in tension" with one another, especially as they relate to God's relationship with man. The beauty of the gospel is seen in the way this tension is removed in the work of Jesus Christ. This footing will ultimately establish us in the reality of God's love-driven act called Justification.

First Footing
God's Justice and Love? (Part 2)

God's Justice and Love are essentially a part of His character and move Him to act. It is impossible for God to act outside of His nature. The key question this places before us is: "How can a just God demonstrate love to rebellious and corrupt men and women?" The resolution to this tension is found in what the Bible teaches as the doctrine of Justification. God's Justice and Love are demonstrated in Christ's "justifying" death.