Second Bedrock
God Has Spoken (Part 1)

We saw in the first bedrock that God is Personal. Among other things that means God communicates. God has spoken! Just imagine the news reports if someone had discovered some actual intelligible information from another planet? Everyone would want to know and read that communication. How much more profound that the Personal Infinite God of the Universe has actually communicated with man? This is not just any mundane communication, but reveals much about God and man, while giving many answers to many major questions plaguing mankind this day. And if this were not enough, Jesus actually says that we can personally meet and know Him by reading it.

Second Bedrock
God Has Spoken (Part 2)

In the last lesson, we looked at different converging lines of God-given evidence or clues that the Scriptures are a Divine Word from God. In this lesson, we continue with more discussion about the self-attesting nature of Scripture.