First Bedrock
Who is God? (Part 1)

What Do the Letters “G-o-d” Mean?

"God" can be a universal term with any number of meanings. Typical statements we hear in our culture are things like "All roads lead to God" or "God bless you."

The problem that quickly arises is what one person means by “God” may be very different from another person. Not all meanings are the same. In fact, considering just a few of the world's thousands of religions, there are actually different and opposing definitions.
First Bedrock
Who is God? (Part 2)

We saw in Part I of this First Bedrock that many people use the word "God" to mean contrary, and even opposed definitions. We saw the Scriptures reveal that God really exists- He is here at this very moment. Further, God is both Personal and Infinite.

Part II of this Bedrock takes this understanding of God even further to help us see that the Scriptures reveal God as both the perfect unity and perfect community. The end result is man can only stand in awe of God's perfection.